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KB Nightmare Shapes Welcomes you to Port

In surfing “it’s better to look good than to feel good”. And in case you can’t tell…look around… Nightmare Shapes is looking better than ever…So now that we’re cool…let this site serve as your go-to source for all things artistically awesome…surfing, surfboards, punk rock, metal, horror, smut, mint chicken, film and/or anything myself or demented friends deem educational and thought provoking. Because as an artist, whose medium is shapes, sights, colors, sounds, and maybe even opinions…it’s my duty to share those colorful opinions that develop and flourish in the Nightmare Shapes world. So henceforth let it be known that this is your #1 source of all things worth knowing, and sometimes surfboard/shredding related insight…so check back often because we’re constantly evolving and what else do you have to do while you sit at your desk on the boss’s dollar besides read through my fecal jargon and maybe learn a little something about nothing…I’m proud to officially welcome you to…Tales from the Underground…


Latest Tales from the Underground


Happy #Cuntober Official Rules

In honor of the most wonderful time of the year we have decided to give away a custom BuzzCunt via our insta-page. The rules are simple: Follow @nightmareshapes Repost the lovely #cuntober photo and tag #cuntober Win a custom BuzzCunt of your dreams. It’s that simple. The winner will chosen completely randomly upon the stroke […]


Welcome Aboard the New Website

If you are reading this you are truly amongst the privileged elite…and there’s foul stench of debauchery is in the air… After 10+ years of talking about it NightmareShapes.com is actually up and running. It’s been a painstakingly tedious and time consuming endeavor to get here and we took our sweet time, not because we […]


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